Sara's Story 26Mar11

Sara, a friend of mine here in NYC, is doing amazing things in the South Bronx. The word GENEROSITY only scratches the surface of her life journey.

Her story is too good not to share.

Guest Perspective on Generosity- Steve Saccone 20Feb11

Hi All,

We are very fortunate to have Steve Saccone, one of my friends in LA, share his "Guest Perspective" on GENEROSITY. Steve serves with multiple organizations including his primary work being with The Leadership Connection, where he serves next generation leaders, empowers their creativity and focus, and strives to facilitate transformation and overall spiritual health and vibrancy. Steve also works with the Gallup Organization and has published a book, “Relational Intelligence.” Steve is so generous in every aspect of his life. Here is his “Perspective on Generosity.”

For more on Steve, check out his website-

Also, here’s a link to the video for his book- Video for Relational Intelligence.

I hope this has challenged us all to grow and develop a heart of gratitude.

Guest Perspective on
Generosity- Jonathan Walton

Hi All,

I am very excited to have Jonathan Walton, one of my good friends here in NYC, share his “Guest Perspective” on GENEROSITY. Jonathan works for InterVarsity as the Director of the New York City Urban Project (NYCUP). He is a published author, urban poet, and motivational speaker. Jonathan has devoted his life to caring for the homeless, mentoring underprivileged children, and helping fight sex trafficking & modern day slavery. He is an amazing example of GENEROSITY, and I am very excited to learn from him.

For more on Jonathan Walton and NYCUP, visit

I hope this has challenged all of us to live more generously. Thank you for your time.

Exploring GENEROSITY! 11Jan11

My Friends,

In my journey to grow in GENEROSITY, I constructed I will be posting various content on this topic in an effort to help us all become more generous with our time, our money, and our lives. In the next few weeks, I will begin posting weekly/bi-weekly guest videos from various writers, authors, speakers, and leaders who have powerfully demonstrated how this value can be applied in our lives. My hope is that we can all grow together in our quest to become people of GENEROSITY.


GENEROSITY! – Transitioning my Blog 09Jan11

My blog is now transitioning to explore the concept of GENEROSITY. It’s my hope that we can all learn, grow, and begin to powerfully live out generosity together in our every day lives.Get excited for what’s ahead in the next few weeks/months!

Quick videos of Saturday morning coffee/doughnuts:

Launch of Hillsong here in NYC!!! 09Jan11

Hillsong had our official launch on Sunday, October 17th, here in NYC! What an amazing day it was! Here is a short video on the days events.